Last and Only BQ 2

  1. 项目临近结束发现问题怎么办? My thoughts

So I think, there are two scale we need to focus on. The small scale is debug and the larger scale is design.

> Firstly we need to debug. There is a exception or error, we need to find out what triggers out this problem, try to fix it ASAP using some elementary method, like make that funciton offline, just dont crash the whole program

> Secondly We have more time. We evaluate it from design perspective. So the software design at first is very important. The design should made the project scalable, easy to modify and upgrade. Made the whole software into several part would be a lot more helpful. Design pattern like IOC in springboot could be very helpful.

>Thrid: Teamwork. Teamwork is like multithread is faster than single thread program, as long as there is no dead locks or race condition.


>Situation: I was part of a project that was to building a distributed web crawler and search engine. Towards the end of the project, we encontered a number of bugs and problems with the software application. Some are like it throw exception under some condtion, some are like a ceratin function didnt work and output the correct results. But the timw was against us to get everything fixed.

> Task: At that time since my teammates wasstarting late, and I am the one who know the overall structure of the whole software, I feel that it was my responsibility to arrange those thing and come up with a solution to get issues fixed. I spent around 1 hour.

>Action: I quickly designed a set of testing and found all the bugs and issues that could be related to specific component, and thats would be our plan; stayed up that evening to try to partially rectify the bugs, ensure it wont crash the whole system and get the outputs. The other day me and my 2 teammates take over one part of the issues based on our own competence, recreate and try to find a way out of the bugs.

It is important to keep other people posted about the problem you encountered, so that other people can solve the issue in advance and wont waste time in the same place. Sometimes minor bugs waste more time than large bugs cause its not easy to reveal the minor mistakes.


By creating a exahusitve action plan and working closely as a team, we are luckily able to submit a fully rectified version of program, and have developed a extensive test case that could help us find out future bugs in the future versions.

3. Whats your bigges weakness?

a smart answer is: i am quite good at strike a good work-life balance. When there is a problem i can’t solve, i am willing to learn, But when there are problems that i think i should be able to sovle but i got into stuck, i would spend too much times in digging out a way to solve this. But sometimes it may be better just leave the seat, have some relax wouldb be more helpful.

4. What are your salary expectations?



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